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Healthcare Business Intelligence Software

Actionable Financial Insights to Improve the Health of Your Clinic

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Providing exceptional care to your patients can be challenging when the amount of work required to meet reporting deadlines and administrative tasks is greater than the number of hours available in a day. Your team shouldn’t be spending time digging through data to find answers to your most important financial questions and it shouldn’t require specialized knowledge in data analytics to figure it out. Financial Insights, on our Saber Analytics Platform, accurately cuts through all the data and answer the questions you need answered, when you need it.

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* Product dashboards subject to revision

Reasons You'll Love Financial Insights

Transforming Data into Simple yet Effective Visual Narratives

Financial Insights doesn’t just present data; we craft visual narratives that highlight important trends to help you understand the full story behind your numbers. Easy-to-comprehend dashboards allow for quicker and more confident decisions.

Empowering Health Centers to Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork

We want to see healthcare practices redirecting their resources towards patient care, not report generation. Turn dashboards into PDFs and share your insights with your team.

Insights On-Demand or on Autopilot

Eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks from your workload and schedule dashboards to be generated on autopilot or quickly create dashboards when you  need them.  

Consumption-Based Pricing

We believe in fair and transparent pricing – only pay for as much or as little as you use. Spend more money serving your community and less on routine tasks.

Personalized Branding

Clinics can elevate their professional image by utilizing our software's custom branding feature, seamlessly integrating their logo and branding elements to create a cohesive and personalized experience for patients and staff.

Security and Data Protection

Maintain full control and security over data access. Assign user roles, get detailed logs of when data was accessed and by whom, and monitor what PHI was viewed.

Who Should Use Healthcare Analytics Software?

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* Product dashboards subject to revision

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Powerful insights to help you navigate value-based care. Effectively turning business intelligence that used to take days into seconds.

* Product dashboards subject to revision

Financial Insights - Frequently Asked Questions

A: Only actively supported athenaPractice Versions and the associated data table schema will be supported for Saber Analytics Financial Insights.

Microsoft Integration Runtime Services will be used to move data from your source system (EHR) to our data warehouse.

Technical Requirements:

  • Integration Runtime Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows Server 2019,
    • Windows Server 2016,
    • Windows 10,
    • Windows Server 2012 R2,
    • Windows Server 2012,
    • Windows 1,
    • Windows Server 2022,
    • Windows
  • 64-bit Operating System with .NET Framework 7.2 or above.

The recommended configuration for the Integration Runtime (Self-hosted) machine:

  • 2GHz
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 8GB Memory
  • 80GB disk


Additional discussion on each customer environment for optimal setup will be discussed with your project team

A: We will continue to offer the Visualutions Enterprise Reporting as we always have. It will be built on a different data model than Saber Analytics. Since Financial Insights will focus on using data to answer questions and is not a traditional reporting software, it is not accurate to say that the existing standard reports will be provided in Financial Insights.

A: Saber Analytics will provide Power Bl embedded functionality, which is not the same functionality that you would get if you were using the Power Bl service or desktop directly. The Saber Analytics content will nothave customizability the way you would expect from Power Bl directly. However, if you were to select to use the connection string to connect to our data warehouse, you could connect to Power Bl yourself directly and generate visualizations and that would likely match what you would expect out of Power Bl.

A: As VisAnalytics Dashboards are going away by August 29th, individual customer custom dashboards will also be discontinued.

A:  Yes, Saber Analytics has two components:

1) Financial Insights (the focus of our webinar) and

2) UDS+ where we will use the platform as a conduit to ingest, translate and submit required information to HRSA for athenaPractice customers for reporting year 2024.


A: Financial Insights customers will not see data visualizations or dashboards about clinical quality measures.

UDS+ customers will have the ability to submit clinical quality measures to HRSA as required for the 2024 reporting year in alignment with HRSA's minimum data submission requirements. EHB (Electronic Handbook) will still be the submission of record for 2024. We will continue to support UDS EHB submission with ourVisReporting UDS Reporting Suite, which we will update for 2024 this summer. While our future operational dashboards may address some KPls shared by NCQA's PCMH designation, we will notnecessarily prioritize addressing every PCMH operational metric.

A: Financial Insights will focus on using data to answer questions and is not a traditional reporting software. Below is a list of revenue cycle Key Performance Indicators (KPls) or questions we seek to prioritize answering, pending additional customer feedback of the value of these KPls for their health center.


  • Which encounters are we about to lose out on the ability to get reimbursed for, due to timely filing deadlines? How much money is at stake?
  • How long is it taking, on average, to drop a claim from the time a patient is seen?
  • How well are we progressing to hit our charge or encounter target in this time frame? What might be getting in the way?
  • What percentage of our (insured) claims successfully make it all the way to being accepted by the payer the first time?
  • Who is above the expected threshold for paying us timely and why?
  • Compared to what is expected for us to have in outstanding accounts receivable by reporting group, how are we doing and if we are substantially above or below that amount, why?
  • How much cash are we posting compared to what we were hoping to bring in? Which claims are underpaid and a re there patterns to the underpayment?
  • Which claims are overpaid so that we can get out ahead of a recoupment and are there patterns to the overpayment?
  • How much money are we losing due to erroneous adjustments on paid claims? Which claims need to be addressed and resubmitted?
  • Where is our revenue coming from?
  • Compared to where we are expecting revenue to come from, what payment gaps do we have?

We will provide additional operations-focused KPls once that research and discovery has been completed. Right now, we are focusing on revenue cycle management.

A: We understand the value thatVisAnalytics Dashboards brought by exposing robust underlying data tables that many customers leveraged to do joins in Excel and address grant and other reporting needs. While we are planning to focus on providing a trusted solution for focused KPls, we also plan to offer health centers the ability to connect directly to our data warehouse tables using a connection string provided by us. This will allow Financial Insights customers to use whichever data visualization tools they prefer (including PowerBI, Excel, Tableau, etc.) to report on or visualize the data stored in the Saber Analytics data warehouse.

A: Your source system data will start to be transferred to the Saber Analytics platform prior to August 29th, 2024, which is when VisAnalytics Dashboards will end. Your source system (EHR) data will be extracted, transformed, and loaded into the new and improved Saber Analytics data model. If you are talking about data other than your source system (EHR) data, please advise by contacting

A: We will be reviewing with each customer their current agreement and working to make sure there is no interruption in analytics capabilities as best we can. If you have not yet connected with your account representative yet, please feel free to email:

A: Financial Insights may provide information relevant to capitation payments and Value-Based Care (VBC) models, but has not yet specifically focused on surfacing information relevant to those use cases.

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