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Integrated Document Management System

Reasons You’ll Love VisDoc!

Electronic Medical Record Integration


Whenever a record is scanned, it will import directly into the Electronic Medical Record, eliminating duplicate steps.

Comprehensive Document Mapping


Saves your time and effort by enabling you to search by OBS term, with handy autofill functionality to optimize search.

Intelligent Card-Scanning Functionality


The scanner will automatically import the card and information, associate it with the appropriate record, and automatically cut out white space to reduce file size.

Inclusive Security Clearance Settings


The admin has the ability to associate specific users to specific groups and document level security for view access by group type. Keep confidential information secured.

Are You Ready To Automate?

VisDoc is a fully integrated document management system that works with either Centricity Practice Solution or functions as a standalone product. VisDoc connects scanning to your existing clinical workflow, streamlining and organizing a host of data automatically to reduce data inaccuracies caused by manual data entry. 


Easy and intuitive, minimal downtime for training, and a multitude of great features make VisDoc one of the premier platforms for document management. 

Features of VisDoc!

See the documents from the patient registration screen during the visit

VisDoc comes with it’s own software, which is easy to install.

One-Click PDF report exporting

Document mapping keeps EMR and Document Software in congruence with the document types that have been set up in Centricity™

Access documents through the billing and registration sections of the EMR.

Easy access to choose either patient or guarantor when scanning data.

Search EOB by ticket number…the program will autofill the patient name and date of service, eliminating the need to search every page of the EOB.

After the scan completes, it auto-populates in the left side column for easy confirmation of completion and location access.

Newly Released Features Of VisDoc


Functionality has been reimagined for reconciliation of orders and faxes to streamline workflow and keep organization fluid.

• This mimics as an interface to reduce workload on the physician.

• VisDoc will also automatically clear the flag when necessary requirements have been met.

OBS Term

Tie a document type to an OBS term – Anytime that type of document comes in, it will automatically associate the OBS term.

Duplicate checking

Measures have been developed to stop duplicate documents from scanning and importing during the scanning process.

An image will pop up with the prior image on file to verify if you want to import and overwrite the newly scanned file or keep the original.


VisDoc has been developed to allow vendors to interface with the application to import files into the program.

• Imaging from other systems can now be interfaced. This works particularly well with Driver’s License and Insurance Files.

• VisDoc also works great with a kiosk system.

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