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Industry Leading Health Care Solutions Services

We offer a multitude of services designed to help you achieve your clinical, financial and status goals. From our comprehensive Electronic Billing services to our Revenue Cycle Management solution, we offer the right solution for sustainable growth and enhanced patient care. 

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Electronic Billing Services

Our Electronic Billing provides a full range of services to assist in managing a complete lifecycle of claims including commerical and government payers.

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Revenue Cycle Management

At Visualutions, we have a very different philosophy on Revenue Cycle Management.  As our name implies, we’re interested in solutions.  

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Cloud & IT Services

Visualutions is a Microsoft Certified Hosting Provider. We specialize in managing the applications which empower businesses and medical offices to succeed.

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Business Intelligence

We have developed one of the most robust programs to help the various stages of business for healthcare. From PCMH to IT, we can help you find success.