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CPS Group Scheduling

GroupScheduling2Visualutions Centricity CPS Group Scheduling component is an enhancement designed to allow the clinic to:

  • Create a single appointment for the group and link patients to that appointment.
  • Check-in, mark time spent, enter copays, and check-out patients at one time.
  • Enter group notes and update all patient’s charts in the EMR simultaneously.


  • Get an overview of all group sessions for the day with the Group Appointment Dashboard.
  • Examine group patient summaries which include patient balances, as well as statistics such as how many group appointments the patient has attended, how many they’ve missed, and how many they’ve cancelled.
  • Audit how many groups the patient is a member of, and get statistics on the number attended, the number of No Shows, as well as the number cancelled.
  • Check patients in, cancel patient, and no show patients from one group screen.  You can also set the duration of the patient’s attendance, for billing and documentation purposes.

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