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Reliable EDI Claim Submission through VisClaims

Visualutions is a leader in Medicare billing rules.  They do an enormous amount of research into FQHC billing issues, working with credible staff at CMS, and they pass it on to us as users so that we not only maximize our income from Medicare but we can also access the documentation to back up our billing practices.

Karen Kuhn – Credit & Collections Manager, Terry Reilly Health Services


VisClaims provides a full range of services to assist in managing a complete lifecycle of your claims, including commercial and government payers who accept professionalinstitutional and dental electronic claims.

VisClaims makes the task of submitting claims to federal, state, and local payers simple and easy:

  • Submit Medicare A/B claim submission to Nordian, WPS, NGS, Palmetto, Cahaba, Novitas, etc.
  • Submit Medicaid claims to all 50 states, even for those with specialized Federally Qualified Health Center and Rural Health Center filing needs, in their requested format, including HL7

VisClaims also offers

  • Electronic remittance and electronic eligibility where available
  • Front end claim scrubbing at the claim level
  • Normalized language interpreted from the payer response file
  • Live Updating Edits that build on current payer responses
  • Analytics to help identify the front end causes for rejection
  • Eligibility history, storing more than the standard two eligibility responses

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