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Data Conversions

Visualutions Data Conversion Services can convert existing data and attachments from your present Practice Management application and/or Electronic Medical Record to GE Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) or Greenway PrimeSuite.

We converted demographic data from our EMR to Centricity PM, and later converted UDS and sliding fee scale data from another vendor to CySolutions. Both conversions went very well. GE handled the demographic conversion at the time of our Centricity PM installation and CySolutions did the UDS conversion a year later. Both GE and CySolutions did a great job on the conversions. – Ken Riebel, CFO, Ammonoosuc Community Health Services

Types of EMR data include:

  • Problems, Active and resolved
  • Medications, including refill history
  • Allergies
  • Directives
  • Progress Notes
  • Table Data
    • Immunizations
    • Coumadin Flowsheet Tracking
    • Vitals
    • Past Medical History
    • Past Social History
    • Past Surgical History
    • Chronic Disease Outcome Indicators
    • Lab Observations
    • Diagnostic Test Dates and Results
  • Phone Memos
  • Transcriptions – Formatted transcriptions, with appropriate tags for table data can also be imported
  • Diagnosis History
  • Document Management – Attachments including OCR of text documents as well as attachment
Types of Practice Management data include:

  • Demographics
  • Insurance
  • Visit History (Diagnoses, Dates of Service, Procedures)
  • Balance Forward
  • Appointment History


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