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CentricityIconVisualutions has well over a decade of experience with GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Practice Solution suite of products, dating back to the Millbrook and Logician days.  As a result, we have numerous products and services that we’ve developed for our 300+ customer sites.

Our rewarding work has also been awarded.

Visualutions’ GroupFocus and CareTrax applications have received the GE Healthcare STAR Award for productivity in Ambulatory Care.

GroupFocus allows users to schedule, document and manage group appointments.  LEARN MORE!

CareTrax is our integrated care plan allowing health professionals to plan and create long term patient goals, devise a plan to achieve those goals, and track the progress towards attaining those goals. LEARN MORE!


Thank you again for everything you folks have done for us. You have no idea the positive impact Visualutions has made on our center.

Scott Casler

CIO, North Country Family Health Center


Referral Tracking!


We’ve added an innovative referral management functionality to GE Healthcare’s Centricity™ Practice Solution.  Chances are, you’ll feel compelled to rethink your referral management workflows.


Cloud & IT Services

Our Cloud Computing Services deliver software, data access, and storage, providing better service and performance. Our methodology has been designed to minimize disruptions and enhance disaster recovery.

Document Management

VisDoc seamlessly integrates scanning into your Electronic Health Record, Practice Management application and workflows!

Consulting & Training

With literally hundreds of implementations under our belts, with customers ranging from small single-provider practices to multi-specialty community health centers and hospitals, we’re ready to assist you with anything you might need – customization, consultation, implementation, training.

Tips & Tricks

With almost two decades of experience in healthcare information technology we’ve amassed quite a bit of knowledge.  We’d like to pass that knowledge on to everyone in the cyberverse.

Community Health Center Enhancements – We’ve been working in Community Health for as long as we’ve been working with the Centricity application. Our CHC enhancements can be found in over 200 of the nation’s health centers.

Centricity Reporting – As you might imagine, after almost 2 decades working with the Centricity application, we’ve amassed quite a collection of reports. Let us know what you’re looking for.  We probably have it, and if not, we most certainly can create it.



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