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BHS_CareTrax_BannerOur integrated care plan will allow health professionals to plan and create long term patient goals, devise a plan to achieve those goals, and track the progress towards attaining those goals.

CareTrax Care Plan Tracking Screen – Will alert the care team when a patient’s care plan is expiring, when a target date or intervention has been missed, or when an intervention start date is approaching.


  • Track long-term patient goals
  • Customizable predefined “identified needs or goals” with prepopulated text
  • Signature pad enabled for patient and provider both to sign care plan
  • Observation terms are populated for the care plan and all progress associated
  • Track long-term patient goals
  • Use with any combination of forms in a multitude of encounter types
  • Team members can be alerted to track patient’s care based on their role
  • Problems can be defined for each need and automatically entered as an assessment in the EMR
  • Progress towards needs and interventions is updated and tracked as the patient is seen

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