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What are Billing Tools?

Visualutions is excited to announce the latest release of Billing Tools Version 1.1.1. The Billing Tools are designed specifically to increase both efficiency and collections across revenue cycle management and are a workflow enhancement for any billing, front desk, or supervisor/manager within the Revenue Cycle pipeline.

This can be achieved with the Patient Conveyance Tool, where you can actively manage patient conveyances with the simple click of a button. This automated process gives staff back hours each month to manage other accounts receivable responsibilities with confidence by eliminating errors caused by a manual process.

The second tool that aides with the efficiency is the Patient Payment Entry Tool. This tool increases efficiency in the application of time-of-service payments by eliminating unapplied batching issues and allowing staff to identify and manage patient payment and balance issues without entering into the billing component.


The latest software release includes the following enhancements:

Patient Payment Entry Tools:

  • Added EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) as a patient payment method. The user can document the account number, authorization number, and driver’s license number associated to the electronic funds transfer.
  • Added the ability to select a credit card type when making a patient payment.
  • Added Driver’s License field when posting a payment by check.
  • Added the ability to visualize and apply payments to all balances due by Guarantor. 
  • Added the ability to review historical payments posted from the tool and print the receipts.

Conveyance Tool:

  • Added a search/filter option of “Credit Visit Owner” to allow sites to find conveyances that have a specific owner associated with the visit holding the credit balance. This is very useful if your site associates a specific visit owner when a patient has a refundable credit balance on a visit.