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VisualutionsVWho we are

Visualutions is a Healthcare Technology Company that provides clinical, financial, and IT solutions to enterprise organizations such as Federally Qualified Health Centers, Community Health Centers, PCPs, Accountable Care Organizations, Ambulatory facilities, and Freestanding Emergency Rooms.  Our products and services are as diverse as the customers we service, and include:

Our History

Visualutions, Inc., located in Spring Texas, was formed in 1995 to provide practical technology solutions and services to our customers.

Visualutions entered the Healthcare industry in 1997 when we were engaged by a large group practice through our Microsoft Partnership to create custom electronic medical records software. In 1998 we partnered with Millbrook Corporation to integrate our software solutions with their Practice Management software. GE acquired Millbrook in 2002.

In 2001, Visualutions began a business partnership with CySolutions, Inc., a company with innovative solutions to automate critical financial services for medical management systems. CySolutions core service was providing enhancements and modifications to the GE Centricity Practice Management/EMR to tailor the system to the needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers.

From 2001 to 2011, our two companies successfully worked together to provide technology services and products designed to meet the needs of the FQHC market. In 2011, we combined all company assets and employees into Visualutions, Inc. We currently have 72 employees and serve approximately 7,000 providers over 350 practices totaling 35,000 end users in 46 states. Approximately 250 of those practices are FQHCs; another 25 are RHCs and Indian Health Centers. Most of these practices run on the GE CPS platform and use our software enhancements and services for revenue cycle management. We also host several Greenway Medical Technology customers who are FQHCs. We work with Greenway as a Silver Business Alliance Partner (BAP) reselling their solutions to primary care practices and FQHCs. With the merger, our company has a total of 35 years of experience serving primary care practices, FQHCs, Rural Health Centers (RHCs), hospitals and stand-alone ERs.

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